WOW - Women of the world festival - Naomi Klein

Saturday, March, 09, 2019

I always love International Women's Day and especially the festival in Southbank, in London. There's something fundamentally heartening about being there, surrounded by women who are gathering to hear conferences, meet their heroes, exchange ideas.

There's always a buzz in the air and a undercurrent of change that I find exciting and inspiring.

This year, I attended the Women of the World festival (WOW) to see Naomi Klein, an author I really admire. She wrote many excellent books and I'd just finished This Changes Everything as research for my next novels: The Anthropocene trilogy.

So it was very interesting to listen to her in person and I even got to ask her a question, from the audience. I asked whether she thinks that fiction has a role to play in changing the hearts and minds of people and she answered yes, definitely.

The next part of her answer though got me thinking, she added "but I think fiction should steer away from dystopian futures and show us a world that we cannot imagine yet: a word where we found a solution to climate change and everything turned out alright.'

That got me thinking guys. I may have to start another series of books when I'm done with Cassandra. A series where things turn out ok....mmmmh. Will have to think about it.

Anyhoo, I queued and got to talk to her and she signed the copy of my book and up close I found her to be impressive and charismatic.If you haven't read her books yet, I highly recommend them!


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