Who Am I?

Feminist, Londoner, Third Culture Kid, struggling to become vegetarian, enthusiastic singer, worried about the direction the world is taking right now, budding activist, happiest when baking for the people I love.

I also teach and coach at the Hult International Business School. I have studied political sciences at Sciences Po in Paris and then obtained a Masters degree in International Affairs at The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy in Boston. I have worked at the United Nations in Geneva and in a Scenario Planning Consultancy.

I live in London with my family, my dog and my cat.

Why I wrote the books

With this series of books, I intend to popularize the concept of scenario planning and highlight the major trends that our society is facing. I want to provoke more thought about the larger issues of our world by proposing it in a novel format, for a wider audience.

I believe that scientists’ non-fiction books are not easily accessible and that our society’s current suspicion of experts may make it more difficult for the public to appreciate the large challenges that humanity should tackle, such as climate change. My hope is that my books will contribute in a small way to increase awareness for the wider public, through fiction .

My influences

  • Margaret Atwood Handmaid’s Tale,
  • Suzanne Collins Hunger Games
  • David Mitchell Cloud Atlas,
  • Neal Stephenson Diamond Age
  • Dan Brown Digital Fortress
  • John Le Carre The Constant Gardener
  • Michael Crichton Timeline
  • Kim Stanley Robinson Mars Trilogy.
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