Yay! Another writers' conference!

Monday, March, 09, 2020

I met so many fun people this week!

The event started at INGRAM, the place where my books are printed. We had a fantastic tour of the facilities in Milton Keynes and the team there made us super welcome. At one point, I stopped in front of the printing press with another writer who was taking the tour too and we both looked at each other, fell into each other's arms and hugged as we said at the same time "this is where books are born!"

It was weirdly emotional and heart warming to see the words appear on the page, the covers being glued and the whole object emerging and suddenly coming into existence. A fantastic experience!

The next day, I attended the writers' conference and met an American romance writer who was absolutely brilliant and fun and kind, (Kitty Bucholtz) a British dystopian writer who writes about pandemics - timely!- (Marcus Martin), a fantasy writer who writes about elves in France (Tiphaine Siovel), a post-apocalyptic writer from Austria (Adrienne Lecter) and so many more! Check out their work, they were all so impressive!

I also caught up with Rachel McCollin who I'd met at a previous event, got to meet Mark Dawson in person and chatted with Joanna Penn who is always such a ray of sunshine. I also finally met Eliza Green in person, after corresponding with her and organising a promo together.

The party afterwards took place on a Thames river boat and there was quite a lot of champagne and dancing involved.

A fantastic opportunity to network with writers and make new friends in the industry :D


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