Fame at last!

Tuesday, February, 04, 2020

Well, not quite but nearly ... :)

So yours truly will appear in an interview in a Stanford University journal today!

Since the beginning of this adventure in June 2019, I've been interviewed four times and it's always nerve-racking but also kind of exciting!

Some of the interviews centre around the writing process while others ask about why I write and others focus on the ideas that I write about in my books.

I love the interviews where there's a dialogue with another writer and an exchange of views. It's all very new to me but I love this part of my new job as a writer!

If you'd like to read the interviews, here are the links of the ones I've done so far!

Rachel McCollin (9 Aug 2019)



SAMI consuting Blog (1 July 2019)



Geoffrey Holland Dialogue (19 Nov 2019)



MAHB Blog (4 Feb 2020)




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