My very first book club!

Wednesday, March, 04, 2020

Oh My God guys!

I just had my very first book club! These lovely ladies selected The Beautiful Ones trilogy to read and invited me to discuss it with them.

It was absolutely terrifying to meet them all face-to-face but also thrilling! And best of all: they loved the books!

This has inspired me to create a series of Book Club questions for all of you, in case you'd like to pick The Beautiful Ones as your next book club read :D I've created two sets of questions: one set about the characters, the plot and the adventure of the books and one set about the underlying political questions that the books raise. So that way, you can pick and choose which set of questions you'd rather focus on. The Book Club questions are available when you join the Readers' Club.

Would you like me to join your next book club meeting? If so, drop me a line and if I can, I'll join remotely to answer your questions and participate in your book group!



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