When Olivia and DeAnn join the secretive Cassandra Programme, they had no idea they’d accidentally find themselves on a field mission. Unprepared and unqualified, will they manage to rise up to the challenge?

Olivia and DeAnn are both at a crossroads in their lives. Olivia’s dream of starting a family has failed to materialize, while DeAnn’s spotless, successful life seems hollow somehow.

When they’re offered positions with the mysterious Cassandra Programme, they believe the opportunity could change their lives for the better.

Little do they know that the Programme is concealing an incredible secret that could change the future of humanity itself.

And now that future lies in Olivia and DeAnn’s hands…

Chosen is the first book in The Beautiful Ones trilogy, a series of dystopian thrillers that feature surprising plot twists, rival secret organisations and two kick-ass yet relatable heroines.

If you like fast-paced thrillers with a hint of adventure then you’ll love the first installment in this brand new series.


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